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Jewelry Shop Northwest Indiana | Erickson Jewelers

Erikson Jewelers knows that jewelry is not solely the province of women, which is why we provide a range of articles for men as well. We sell masculine rings and watches for your boyfriends and husbands, so they can keep track of time and never be late picking you up or going out with you.

Services Include:

  • Fine Diamonds & Jewelry
  • Jewelry Repair
  • Pearl Restringing
  • Insurance Appraisals
  • Watch Batteries
  • Gold Buying

Vendors Include:

  • Citizens Watches
  • Cordova
  • Steelx
  • Royal Chain
  • Jablel
  • Stuller … and many more.


Outstanding selection with new pieces arriving each day.

For the women we also have necklaces, rings and watches for their accessorizing needs. Watches give people a convenient way to tell time, and especially in meetings or events where it is inappropriate to have a cell phone on, a watch is a great supplement, as well as giving you a better status signature. A good necklace with a unique gemstone can highlight any outfit and rings attract attention for you as well.

Erikson Jewelers has all the accessories to make you stand out in a crowd. We also offer a range of services from repairing different pieces of jewelry, to restringing pearls, and replacing watch batteries. We are also equipped to perform insurance appraisals in our customers’ jewelry and will even buy gold from our clients if they have old pieces they do not want anymore. Finally, we also offer our skills to help you design your own custom designed jewelry, unique for you.

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